Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Now why is the bench on a raised platform ? The answer is you are at the embankment wall of the Thames just opposite the Tate Britain at Millbank and if you want any chance of seeing anything across the river the bench needs to be raised off ground level.

The bench is a steal and wood construction and bolted firmly to the slabs below. The bench consists of three steal legs and curved metal work with horizontal wooden slats that are spaced which create the shape of a bench due the shape of the metal steel work attached to the legs.

Whilst sitting on this bench you might what to spare a thought to the many people who were sent to Millbank prison (site of the Tate) for transportation down under hence the word "pom" (prisoner of millbank). Now from this bench you get a pretty decent view of the sound side of the Thames which includes MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service), Peninsular Heights a rather pleasant block of flats sitting right on the river and various other buildings linked to our maritime past/present.

Welcome once again to Benches of London...

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