Sunday, 24 April 2011

Roper's Garden...

Here in Roper's Garden we have a rather simple (late 1970's) design of bench backed up against a brick wall. The bench is a very simple construction; two concrete feet, two metal brackets and three planks of wood. All held together with a few screws/nuts and bolts.

So what makes this bench special ? The Answer is amazing in my opinion for if you did pop down to Cheyne Walk at the junction of Old Church Street SW3 you would notice the previous bench but then you would hopefully notice this sunken area called "Roper's Garden". This happens to be an area of land that the great Scholar, Statesman and Saint Thomas More (1478-1535) owned an Orchard. Ironic that just like the apple that falls from a tree his head no doubt fell off his neck once the axe struck with one fatal swoop back at the Tower of London.

What a treasure of a bench to sit upon and maybe for a brief moment in time you'll be transported back to Tudor times when life was a lot more difficult for ordinary people and even the likes of Thomas More.

Benches of London...

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